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update CHANGELOG for v15.4.2

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NOTE: Specific #s below correspond to Trac tickets logged and maintained at
/** v15.4.2 / 9 June 2017 / e18a7937d271d7482d5eaac9900e1c06b4b48b89 **/
* Update Tor
e18a793 update tor version string to
ad1bcb8 update tor repo to
c0d082e remove bridge logic from activity (now in service)
4af61b6 update logic for bridge selection
301ef39 add version display to sidebar
11c6abf update default built in bridges
ea40bb4 update gradle build settings
b8aaa2c update obfs4 bridges to match latest from tor browser
6496cb1 Update to briges thanks to David Fifield https
7eb7a76 update pluto library
44ab128 update to OpenSSL_1_0_2k
1953962 cache circuits by circId
c9fc49a we want to only look up iptables once per run
* Only enable new HS features on SDK 23+
78984bd don't show new features that require new perms on < SDK 23
028f76e add "minimal permission" build for SDK 16 to 22 devices - these platforms don't allow for runtime permissions requests
* Builds, Flavors and Manifests
c874e70 don't build jni/ndk inside of this project
b1ff4d5 use this as the base manifest
fe491b0 don't need specialized menu for this flavor
34043f9 remove version from manifests
674f8ff add min and full perm build flavors
67cb36e new release for minimal perms SDK up to 23
2403e8c improve reliability of starting and stopping
* Hidden Service Improvements
a5744d7 small chnage to only check for sys iptables once
970710d Merge branch 'fixiptables' of into Unpublished-fixiptables
41ebcc5 Deal with Doze in the less painful way
2aa2b4c New feature added: HidServAuth manager and QR share
4f7271b feature added: temporarily disable a hidden service
8d5df9c better cookie dialog
2d0437a return auth cookie at intent service
4d0fe27 adds optional HiddenServiceAuthorizeClient option for each hidden service
1060c69 intent api: restore key
0818b0c isolate hidden services configuration dirs
7600b4c menu entry for restore backup
8c7b897 isolated permission request
d048cd6 request permissions
5edfc34 create zip backup from itent
4fea84c allow managed backups field
e152dd3 update new onions
3f384c0 wait for hostname
e776e12 Update UI for onion port
ebc736b option for map a local port to different onion port number
3f7435c Hidden Service dialog
26d9381 New hidden services management screen and database
ff61d66 make sure tor network is re-enabled when user tries to restart
/** 15.2.0 RC 8 / 7 November 2016 / 34079c7a159a94eb738c0410b4642394d712c44e **/
540db0f revert back to NDK toolchain 4.8 since it is more stable
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