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update changelog for v15.4.4

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NOTE: Specific #s below correspond to Trac tickets logged and maintained at
/** v15.4.4 / 28 Oct 2017 / 032321656999543ab160f9739ca175d790bbd974 **/
0323216 update to 15.4.4-BETA-2-multi-SDK16
e1ba02a improve the layout!
a685bf1 remove unsupported preferences
0910374 clean up variables and improve how tor process is launched
d24aab8 update to Tor
165e95a update layout to present "Apps..." option on the main screen
dc7aee1 update tor to
440290e show warning about removal of transproxy support - also make app selection more streamlining
9140ba6 we no longer ship xtables, so don't try to install it
f09508d remove unused permission
e6003f6 update tor constants to
d86ace6 update version to 15.4.4-BETA-1 update gradle depends
90975fb update Makefile for tor compression options
25425a6 remove xtables and iptables (no more root support)
b0b6b68 tor- update
dceea11 update version 15430000 aka 15.4.3-RC-1-multi-SDK16
b98a0ff simplify bridge selection screen
1e2074c update main activity to clean up intents
a5015dc update about layout to show obfs4proxy
b322e53 make sure receiver unregisters when destroyed
2bd5614 update to latest meek amazon bridge:
01176b1 big refactor for multiple reasons - implement LICENSE display in About dialog - remove root transproxy features - general crufty stuff cleanup
70693bf update to 4.9 NDK biuld
c4867ba update Makefile to target NDK 4.9
6ca89b3 remove old manifest
cc3c451 update license for better Obfs4proxy display
632824b remove RootCommands library as we don't need it now
d190f3a add license asset for display in the app
ebc362c add copyright notice from Obfs4 in the LICENSE file
5b255df update target SDK to 23 so we don't have perm downgrade issues
/** v15.4.2 / 9 June 2017 / e18a7937d271d7482d5eaac9900e1c06b4b48b89 **/
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