Commit 90975fb1 authored by n8fr8's avatar n8fr8
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update Makefile for tor compression options

parent 25425a62
......@@ -207,7 +207,8 @@ tor/Makefile: tor/configure
--disable-asciidoc \
--enable-static-libevent --with-libevent-dir=$(EXTERNAL_ROOT) \
--enable-static-openssl --with-openssl-dir=$(EXTERNAL_ROOT) \
--disable-linker-hardening --disable-gcc-hardening --disable-tool-name-check
--disable-linker-hardening --disable-gcc-hardening --disable-tool-name-check \
--disable-lzma --enable-zstd
tor-build-stamp: tor/Makefile
$(MAKE) -C tor all-am
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