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update changelog fo 15.5.1

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NOTE: Specific #s below correspond to Trac tickets logged and maintained at
/** v15.5.1 / 31 Oct 2017 / 2c99e9efa4aa253e4d63ee786759efdbeaf9b78f **/
2c99e9e update version to 15.5.1-RC-1 (1551000*)
c53204f only refresh VPN settings if app selection changes
5b9eedb update VPN app manager to load async, and sort selected to top
1c7eedd add "no transproxy" warning strings bac kin
19e927e Merge pull request #91 from ahf/simpleperf-work
54688e2 Merge pull request #87 from Akku05/patch-1
14367e0 Merge pull request #76 from dixidroid/master
8bbf0ba Merge branch 'isolateDest' of into SpotComms-isolateDest
750a282 update to latest build tools and gradle - add new flavordimension tag
d591cdb Don't strip binaries when doing a debug build.
87edea9 Disable Zstandard for now.
/** v15.4.4 / 28 Oct 2017 / 032321656999543ab160f9739ca175d790bbd974 **/
0323216 update to 15.4.4-BETA-2-multi-SDK16
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