Commit 25425a62 authored by n8fr8's avatar n8fr8
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remove xtables and iptables (no more root support)

parent b0b6b68c
......@@ -92,7 +92,6 @@ endif
assets assets-clean \
openssl-static openssl-static-clean \
libevent libevent-clean \
iptables iptables-clean \
tor tor-clean \
polipo polipo-clean
......@@ -184,42 +183,6 @@ libevent-clean:
-cd libevent && \
git clean -fdx
# iptables
cp iptables-patch-1 iptables
cp iptables-patch-2 iptables
cp iptables-patch-3 iptables
cp iptables-patch-4 iptables
-cd iptables && \
patch -N -p1 --reject-file=- < iptables-patch-1
-cd iptables && \
patch -N -p1 --reject-file=- < iptables-patch-2
-cd iptables && \
patch -N -p1 --reject-file=- < iptables-patch-3
-cd iptables && \
patch -N -p0 --reject-file=- < iptables-patch-4
cd iptables && ./
cp config.sub iptables
cp config.guess iptables
cd iptables && \
./configure --host=$(HOST) --disable-shared --enable-static
iptables-build-stamp: iptables/Makefile
$(MAKE) -C iptables
touch iptables-build-stamp
cp iptables/iptables/xtables-multi bin/xtables
iptables: iptables-build-stamp
-rm -f iptables-build-stamp
-rm bin/xtables
-cd iptables && \
git clean -fdx
# tor
......@@ -302,14 +265,12 @@ pluto-clean:
#in order to stop Android OS (older devices) from trying to compress/decompress it
#this is related to a bug in compression of assets and resources > 1MB
assets: tor polipo iptables pluto
assets: tor polipo pluto
install -d ../orbotservice/src/main/assets/$(APP_ABI)
-$(STRIP) bin/polipo
-zip ../orbotservice/src/main/assets/$(APP_ABI)/polipo.mp3 bin/polipo
-$(STRIP) bin/tor
-zip ../orbotservice/src/main/assets/$(APP_ABI)/tor.mp3 bin/tor
-$(STRIP) bin/xtables
-zip ../orbotservice/src/main/assets/$(APP_ABI)/xtables.mp3 bin/xtables
-$(STRIP) bin/obfs4proxy
-zip ../orbotservice/src/main/assets/$(APP_ABI)/obfs4proxy.mp3 bin/obfs4proxy
-$(STRIP) ../orbotservice/src/main/libs/$(APP_ABI)/pdnsd
......@@ -319,7 +280,6 @@ assets: tor polipo iptables pluto
-rm ../orbotservice/src/main/assets/$(APP_ABI)/polipo.mp3
-rm ../orbotservice/src/main/assets/$(APP_ABI)/tor.mp3
-rm ../orbotservice/src/main/assets/$(APP_ABI)/xtables.mp3
-rm ../orbotservice/src/main/assets/$(APP_ABI)/obfs4proxy.mp3
-rm ../orbotservice/src/main/assets/$(APP_ABI)/pdnsd.mp3
......@@ -328,7 +288,7 @@ assets-clean:
# cleanup, cleanup, put the toys away
##clean: openssl-clean libevent-clean tor-clean polipo-clean assets-clean
clean: openssl-clean libevent-clean tor-clean polipo-clean iptables-clean pluto-clean
clean: openssl-clean libevent-clean tor-clean polipo-clean pluto-clean
# debugging stuff
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